contropa     For decades the world has been in a steady state of decline. For unknown reasons the world's resources have been drying up - as if the world itself was dying. But, approximately fifteen years ago a miraculous new continent surfaced in the South Pacific Ocean. This continent offered lush green landscapes and abundant natural resources. The continent was initially found and after many harsh legal debates was later claimed by The Techie Corporation. This corporation initiated a sovereign dictatorship over the land, and quickly became the world's leader. A few short years after they're hold on the new continent was secured the owner and president of the corporation died in a shipwreck, and his morally corrupt daughter Foxu Techie gained control of the company along with the world.
Foxu gained control of the new continent Contropa and The Techie Corporation after her parents were killed in a shipwreck. With her new found power she hopes to discover the truth of the parents death and uncover the mystery of Contropa's origin.
Not much is known about Kakon, he appears to be an evil spirit who has the ability to influence Techie's actions. He appears to have a great interest in using Techie's influence to achieve his goal, but that goal is unknown.
Chris is one of the locals from Contropa. Chris mark doesn't appreciate the way Techie runs things in Contropa, she thinks its wrong for one person to be in control of the world's remaining resources. So, she has dedicated herself to loosening Techie's grip on Contropa.
Jovan has a great interest in archeology. He studied under a very famous archeologist who was known for his great ability at translating ancient texts. Techie was in need of that man's talent, but recently he died in a mysterious accident. So Techie was forced to enlist Jovan's help in his stead.


    Contropa originally started out as Contimon many years ago. It was named Contimon because it was supposed to be based on a continent of monsters. At that time it was basically a Pokemon rip-off, although I did make over 100 original monsters, which is something I'm rather proud of. I still have them cataloged in my old guidebook.
contimon     I made a browser based game for Contimon and it did better then I had expected. It wasn't a horridly popular site, but I got over 200 members and quite a few hits from it. I was still very inexperienced in PHP, which is the language the game was written in, so it was pretty Mickey moused together and didn't run all that smoothly but still a friend of mine liked it an awful lot and I've always been very happy about that.
    Then I headed off to art school and got too overloaded in work to continue so when the lease on my domain came up I didn't renew it. A few years passed and Contimon was all but forgotten. I got through art school and I eventually thought back to my old Contimon.
contropa     Seeing as how it was such a under developed rip-off I pretty much dismantled it and started from the ground up. I still kept a lot of characters and ideas, but a lot has been thrown out. I still haven't decided if I'm going to keep any of the original monsters. I'm leaning towards yes, but I need to figure out a tasteful way to seamlessly introduce them into the new plot. I also introduced a lot of new characters from other series I had thought up, Kakon and Jovan are the most notable. The future of Contropa is still unclear though, I would like to polish off the characters and plot but I have no talent for Flash or serialized work so we'll see if I can ever get this project completed.